I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people in my business. Here are just a few words from some satisfied clients who have had wardrobe consulting, personal style assistance, and professional makeovers.

Carolyn came to my home, and it was both fun and enlightening. She guided me as I tackled the daunting task of cleaning out my closet. More importantly, she taught me why some things feel and look better than others. She considered my body type, coloring, desired image, lifestyle, and values. She helped me to SEE why some items in my closet work and others do NOT! I tend to buy bargains and then they sit in my closet because I wind up not LIKING them–the way they fit, feel and look. Now, with the tools Carolyn gave me, I shop smarter, look and feel better, and I present an image that I want to project. I am so glad I was one of her first customers.

Peg Callaghan Oak Park, IL

After Carolyn’s culling (and tailoring suggestions), I can go to my wardrobe and select an appropriate outfit in a second, and know that my clothes fit and flatter me. I need a ‘Carolyn Day’ annually.

Andrea Imes Wheaton, IL

It made a world of difference working with Carolyn. I have more confidence in myself. I am much happier choosing outfits. It’s no longer a torture  session. Shopping for clothes takes less time because now I know which styles work and which ones do not.

Trish Marshall Yorkville, IL

I think her approach to it is unique, and we had a lot of fun doing the session. She has a real eye for knowing what works for you versus what doesn’t.

Donna Sauers Western Springs, IL

I can’t recommend Carolyn’s services highly enough. Working with her is not only easy and fun, it’s the best way to save money for years to come. I buy fewer clothes, yet my wardrobe makes more of an impact. She taught me not only what to wear, but why. And her painless lessons come with humor and supreme tact. If you want to look better, spend less time and money clothes-shopping and enjoy your clothes more, call Carolyn.

Donna Marie Desai Westchester, IL

Carolyn helped me discover the look that not only compliments my body shape and coloring, but my profession and demeanor as well…an unexpected surprise!

Janet S. Downers Grove, IL

Carolyn saw ways to combine clothes in my closet that I would have never known. For example, she suggested I wear black under a royal blue blazer that had a black button.  She noticed how an eggplant colored sweater went with one of my scarves. She gave me tips for a new way to fix my hair.  She helped me prepare for a new head shot photo. She taught me which clothes were out of date and which styles look good with my figure.

Debra Anthony

Tired of complaining “I have nothing to wear!” & feeling schlumpy and out of style, I turned to Carolyn Redding for help. She instantly put me at ease with her down-to-earth way and kind demeanor. Even upon seeing some of my worst fashion mistakes, Carolyn was never judgemental. Quite the contrary, she taught me about what type of clothing and accessories flattered my body type. Having gained a lot of weight in recent years, she identified specific strategies to help me appear taller and slimmer, which was my goal. Her honest feedback was delivered in the most kind and graceful way. The lessons Carolyn taught me will change the way I shop and dress. She even wrote all all her suggestions for me to keep and refer back to. I highly recommend Carolyn to anyone looking to improve their appearance, learn what to wear for their body type, or are wanting advice that transcends the trends. Carolyn will deliver “your perfect look”

Jen S.